9/8/19 Streaming Different Champs! — In-Depth Support Gameplay — League of Legends

September 11, 2019

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Streaming every night on YT 9:30 PM-2:00 AM! Game times below:

(Coming around 6:30 AM EST!)

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$5 Donation = ~5 minutes of OP.GG review during stream
$10 Donation = I will play any champ you want during stream (normal game; limit 2 per stream)
$10 Donation = I will sing the song…

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5 thoughts on “9/8/19 Streaming Different Champs! — In-Depth Support Gameplay — League of Legends

  1. tony1kenobi says:

    I think Ashe ATM is the best adc, as a zilean main it's a free lane as her slows set up bombs. People don't play her but she feels really strong to play with.

  2. Game 2, knowing your history
    Do you win with zed, or panth or Caitlyn or lee
    Panth is straight up trash
    Caitlyn's only viable with nautilus blitzcrank and thresh
    Lee sin is awful below diamond 1
    Zed is awful unless redmercy or ll stylish or yasuo is playing him

  3. You keep this up rakan might be nerfed to shyvana or kayle or vayne level existance

  4. I'm curious when is xayah who has been S TIER THE WHOLE YEAR get nerfs??
    When is MORGANA s tier the whole year receive nerfs??
    Qiyana same question
    Essentially the same DAM champions were broken the entire year and riot SHOULD do a much better job addressing this problem

  5. Ben Niznik says:

    Love the streams brother, keep it up

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