February 12, 2019

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► SUBSCRIBE! – https://goo.gl/NsfVh1

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  1. Loop In says:

    Love your FIFA vidss!!!

  2. Cheese boss says:

    Your good at fifa but you have absolutely no football knowledge

  3. Jack Collier says:

    Stop saying everything is mad cause it really isn't

  4. Generally great but Maddie McCann crack. Not greatest moment for you

  5. Sam Senior says:

    I keep getting kicked off the server as im sniping too quickly 🤦‍♂️ pretty sure EA think im a bot tryna snipe

  6. Try doing this on ps4, basically impossible

  7. What was that thing you were doing
    Like compare price part
    You kept doing that
    What does that do ??
    I know it’s like a sniping method
    But idk how it works
    can anyone explain ?

  8. More coins than Madeline McCanns parents have that had me laughing 😂

  9. Jst Uxura says:

    I made 200k in 1 hour thanks so much

  10. You started with 660k and ended with 619.How is that profit??

  11. ErrorJoe says:

    Thank you very much !!!
    Now I have instead of 30,000 coins 170.000

  12. ErrorJoe says:

    Thank you very much !!!
    Now I have instead of 30,000 coins 170.000

  13. What would you suggest for winter upgrade investments? Do you think Timo Werner would be a good one?

  14. Pero no te rinde tanto por el 5% q te cobra

  15. please can i have a feture

  16. Just got a icon for 112k

  17. yo great vid also i was in your last stream and said how has your day been

  18. Fabio Lushi says:

    Yesterday I have snipe ZAZA 9 times, i have buy he for 1000 and sold for 6800, I have make 50 k coins

  19. Selbertツ says:

    If he likes I will donate 1 penny to him

  20. A2J says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂more coins than maddie’s parents

  21. Same video everyday bruh

  22. Lee Moat says:

    Can't snipe fast enough. Anyone any tips on sniping speed?

  23. maLiBoy says:

    Why u have 2k Live transfers i have 9k ?

  24. Van Alvim 26 says:

    Thanks I have some coins because of you 👌 keep the great work 👊

  25. Which is the best filter in your opinion btw love your vids they help a lot

  26. Bladez Playz says:

    What is your accent bro it’s so cool

  27. Itzanayat says:

    Message me on insta @anz1__ for some coins as I don’t play that often

  28. JoeZ says:

    Love the vids keep it up

  29. thank you please can you make it so the music in the background stays :}

  30. Jacob says:

    That Maddie McCann reference 🤣🤣

  31. Thanks for the methods i have made so much of coins.

  32. YAYO77 ESP says:

    At what price would you snipe Mbappe?

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