AATRIXX | How To SplitPush And Hard Carry As An Assassin (Fizz Mid Lane) (League of Legends in 2019)

May 18, 2019

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AATRIXX | How To SplitPush And Hard Carry As An Assassin (Fizz Mid Lane) (League of Legends in 2019)

Yo guys, Aatrixx here and today I got a short gameplay review on how to split push as a fed assassin (Fizz POV), really hope the video serves its purpose and that you guys will understand what to do once the laning phase is over. Tomorrow’s video will be a very important video so stay tuned for that.

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8 thoughts on “AATRIXX | How To SplitPush And Hard Carry As An Assassin (Fizz Mid Lane) (League of Legends in 2019)

  1. Can you maybe make a video like "every talon matchup on mid lane" how to counter that and champions that counter talon and champ that talon is countering… Woud be really helpful for me. Ty and I love to watch your videos👍❤️

  2. Holixo says:

    Yo Aatrixx my mate,
    first i wanna thank you, you helped me out so much with getting better at league and espacialy with Talon.
    And second I like to please you about something.
    I made my Placement games and went to Iron 1 (Riot sucks but will come out easy) so i played a few games and got promoted to B4, there I had a game with a B1 mmr.
    I was Talon (I'm a Talon main / otp too, but found you after this decission) against Xerath. It was kinda like typical bronze cause he took ignite and not barrier or exhaust.
    At the end of the game I got a penta after we secure Elder and finished after this teamfight.

    So I would appreciate rly much if you watch the replay and analyze it. What could I do better? What was rly great? Was I good or my opponents just kinda trash? stuff like that.
    Have a nice day or night who you are! 😀

    Ps: sry for bad english just a german ppl here who love your content, keep doing.

  3. I've been playing lol for almost a year now, but I still don't have a main.
    I like to play as top, mid, and jungle.
    The champions I like are: Twitch, Teemo, Zoe, Illaoi, Fizz, and Karma.
    What do I do?

  4. Tosh says:

    Good Video! can i have ur username plz so i can play wit u im in bronze 2 (i started last month)

  5. 3D Davis says:

    Imo this gameplay is a bad example to show such stuff. You and your team is already 10k gold ahead lmao.
    You could just clear vision on nash and trap/ start nash as 5. With your R this should be free af.This would be the better play imo.
    Also you are just so over fed like everyone in your team beside bot. In a rly "normal" ranked from us bronz-dia you will not like have 14/0. I would pref a video with a more realistisches Szenario.

    What if you are 2/4 or 5/6 or such score. Would you still splitpush? And if yes what is important to know etc. Thats what I wana know and see bc such szenarios are more likely to happen. Not everyone is smurfing in low elo as a high elo guy.

  6. Wow thanks a lot I learned so much

  7. Aatrixx says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed this short gameplay review video showing you how to splitpush effectively. If you guys have questions about the video let me know in the comments and I'll get back to ya 🙂 #ShadowGang

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