ADC URF Montage 2019 – The Best ADC in ARURF (League of Legends)

February 12, 2019

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ADC URF Montage 2019 – The Best ADC in ARURF (League of Legends)
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38 thoughts on “ADC URF Montage 2019 – The Best ADC in ARURF (League of Legends)

  1. Ncie new episode 👌👌😊😘

  2. Tim Reid says:

    When ezreal is the hottest girl in the thumbnail.

  3. Guava Hunter says:

    Tryhard adc montage urf 2019*

  4. Ao ước skin vayne tân niên :<
    Ai tặng tui đi :))
    Ig : UUK NightMare

  5. That Jinx Flash is Funny 😂

  6. Oww Another Video Montage
    Nice ❤

  7. 1:46 is not urf its rank or normal game dah!!

  8. Hoai Le says:

    Sức mạnh của ad trong urf
    Vào xem 1/2 clip là tướng adc lên ap

  9. Garra Shippu says:

    Best music background ever

  10. 9:02 Jinx Runes GG 4.86 Attack Speed…

  11. /super/ Bcbc says:

    Tên bài Hát đầu là gì vậy

  12. 9:02 that jinx's Flash make me laugh for 1 H XDDD
    im trying my best ti be helpful here<3

  13. Josip Krešo says:

    6:17 but he left herald 😭, whyyyyy!!! hurts to watch

  14. MrMen says:

    3:59 typical yasuo on chat

  15. Better adc win this game😐
    I love rito !

  16. Loc Vu says:

    cái hinhd toàn hot girl k z

  17. Chris Re says:

    Hey SoloMid what about Tristana? Jk nice Video 😉

  18. Hello Hello says:

    Thấy ad nói chuyện dễ thương quá nên mới sup kênh đó nên kêu tăng lương cho ad đi 😘😘😘

  19. Im penta kill in master yi yesterday and jinx heheee

  20. YasuoLera says:

    Good Game

    Not:0/17 Cait 😀

  21. kat mid says:

    I Like This video bro

  22. samir pathan says:

    Celebrating the week ?

  23. tonix 109 says:

    Supports are more op than ADC

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