ASMR Gaming | Minecraft Diamonds Under My House! Gum Chewing 🎮🎧Controller Sounds + Whispering😴💤

September 12, 2019

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Welcome back everyone and for our 10th Minecraft video I go exploring under my house and we find a secret cave with diamonds and redstone! We also make a bunch of new things too.

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25 thoughts on “ASMR Gaming | Minecraft Diamonds Under My House! Gum Chewing 🎮🎧Controller Sounds + Whispering😴💤

  1. shyga21 says:

    What I have experienced after 3 years of ASMR is that gaming ASMR was the only category of ASMR that relaxed me really and was also one of the first experiences of falling asleep to an ASMR video. Many ASMR gaming youtube channels (especially yours!!!) brought me to fall asleep and just think about something different than things like school n stuff that makes me tired, angry, depressive etc…
    So, what I want to say is; thanks for all your chill and relaxing videos. Thanks, ASMR Gaming News!


  2. shello says:

    Quick tip ASMR Gaming News you can find a lot of emeralds by mining in mountains if you ever need some mine in mountains dig down not straight but like make a way to go down and mine so you can get back up

  3. xyt lava says:

    To see co ordinates before you go into the world it is in the settings

  4. So is no one care about him mining grass with a pick axe

  5. I’m sorry I make my fucking triggered and it’s iron blocks 🤬

  6. Lennox says:

    Coordinates are a option to turn on in the settings, its way easier than Java edition

  7. danny patpat says:

    Also could you upload more minecraft?

  8. danny patpat says:

    Just find a village and steal all the work stations

  9. emily lee says:


    It's a iron block not stone

  10. zac_ 1065 says:

    Iron armor is strong then gold armor

  11. doctorxtn says:

    When in the crafting menu, its easier to go to the tab with the magnifying glass, as it shows all the craftable stuff, rather than having to go through all the other categories to see what you need.

  12. I aware you annoy me so much on this and what’s you say about dimonds

  13. Blue Hair says:

    Gold armor come on man

  14. When he made a axe instead of a pickaxe Me:ight ima head out

  15. PRO_Manny says:

    Blast furnaces only cook ore very fast and can’t cook food

  16. The thaN says:

    This is what happens when someone who played fortnite immigrates to Minecraft

  17. There’s a glitch that gives you your diamonds back if you throw your axe at a cactus

  18. Now i wanna play minecraft…🙃

  19. Naomi Playz says:

    Make another Minecraft video

  20. William Puri says:

    At 1:04 I literally cried for 10 minutes straight

  21. Ashamane says:

    Somebody teach this manns how to use a water bucket.

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