Battlefield 4: Best in Class – Support

February 11, 2019

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Battlefield 4 has landed and we’ve got some expert tips from our resident expert Alfredo Diaz. See next-gen footage and learn all about the Support class as well as another amazing moment.

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38 thoughts on “Battlefield 4: Best in Class – Support

  1. hey m8 you're supposed to use the lmg on the support class

  2. Monkey Shot says:

    ok so support is class is meant for suppression fire with lmgs also heres my loadout mg4 coyote rds angled grip secondary personal prefrence i use the m9 no attachments both gadgets i use ammo bag and ammo box so when my teammates are all bunched up i use the box and if my teammates are pushing up moving forward i use the ammo bag field upgrade i use defensive

  3. Please god no. 1: don’t use crappy carbines when you have almost op when bipod is out lmg’s 2: mp Rex is terrible, spend time unlocking something else, ANYTHING ELSE. 3: that’s not how you use the xm25. You aim at the cover someone is hiding at and shoot above it. It should say lock

  4. broquej says:

    G 3 6 C!!!! Not G 6 3 C……come on man

  5. Luwab says:

    Wondering if he is trolling when he praises the 2x magnifier. lol

  6. U wot m8? says:

    Is this guy mentally challenged or something?

  7. Pain says:

    you really know nothing about being a support player

  8. Deadrin _ says:

    As a support main……I got Triggered, received PTSD, and got a Vietnam flashback. Thanks.

  9. Deadrin _ says:

    "obvious choice here, the magnifier" BOI DO YA EVEN BF4?

  10. Victurbulent says:

    Wtf why is he shooting a helicopter

  11. Pretty sure it's the G36C. Plus, the gun blows.

  12. ATLAS _ says:

    Stupid, the whole part about the Support Class is to use a light machine gun, not some crappy ass carbine

  13. G63C, shooting a heli with an assault rifle, "decreasion"? – IGN

  14. japa japa says:

    I use engineer The MK11 MOD 0 acog, angled grip, heavy barrel, and canted ironsigths for cqb, secondary is m9 w/flasligth. Gadget 1 mbt law, 2 m15 at mine, field upgrade is offensive

  15. This guy's IQ is lower then Justin Biebers.

  16. What a bad player you are. First of all; IT'S THE SUPPORT CLASS, HELLO? You need a LMG for the support. (I like the AWS & the MG4) You can have carbine on every single class. 2nd of all. You can't say which scope they should have. It's all about personal preferance. AND WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K?! You had levolution as a "What the Battlefield" that happens like 70% of the time I play Paracel Storm. These aren't Best in Class. They're Clusterfuck to Class.

  17. That's the WORST automatic weapon LOL

  18. haha you killed jahova a few times and nobodyepic was in your squad, omg :pp

  19. This was a troll video right right?

  20. кто из россии клас

  21. fuckin sniper shotgun bitch

  22. ewby says:

    support is nothing without the LMG. Its another assault/engineer with ammo replenishment in this video -.-

  23. Use c4 not an airburst dumb ass

  24. Bombatron says:

    Support = LMG; anything else is wrong!

  25. coopseee says:

    Support is way Overpowered. They just fucking sit their holding down shoot, their weapons ore op, they have way to much range bullets do to much dmg. They never drop fucking ammo.

  26. The support class is made to stay at medium ranges and suppress the enemy. As a support, all you need to do is get on the ground, deploy the bipod on your LMG and lay down suppressive fire at whatever your team asks you to shoot. You don't even have to hit the target (though you should still try) all you really need to do is shoot near the enemy so they become disoriented and can't aim; therefore, it's easy for your assault buddies to get in close and storm the enemy's position.

  27. Kaeden Bort says:

    Its the G36C not G63C, and how are you gonna go support without an lmg? The lmg is just something that will wreck and just keep on going and when you said the support class is to take down mass in a battle all classes are

  28. Macsorj says:

    G63C? LOL! G36C…

  29. 0:51  LOL he said G63C. Its G36C!

  30. Bas Barten says:

    I am using my favorite close quarter/mid range setuo in sniping… Its the Fy-js with a Jgm 4x magnification, Flash Hider, Green lasersight or laser light combo and a straight pull bolt. I dont have a perk system i prefer but i like to go with the offensive or sniper. Cause I am an agressive sniper but to be stealthy you can choose the sniper perks. If you are able to get this loadout, then use it! Its the best cq/mid range class for me

  31. TuckeyVideos says:

    Also I have an offensive field upgrade

  32. TuckeyVideos says:

    I'm running in bf4 with support feedback plz

    U-100MK5 with acog angled grip tactical light
    G18 with tri-beam
    Ballistic Shield
    M24 Mortar

  33. SwanMeat says:

    This little guide sucks and his information is terrible. Granted this video was made when the game came out. But really though?

    And anything other than magnifier is better to have as an attachment.

  34. Ugh, these guys don't know what they are talking about!

  35. i use the G63C optic reflix accessory magnifierx2 Barrel standard barrel gadget one amo Box gadget too ballistic shield

  36. Ac-wr
    Attachments coyote
    Flash hider
    Tribeam laser and vertical grip

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