April 17, 2019

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  1. I don't know if it's possible… I'm using PS3 can u add me?

  2. Dboii Dboii says:

    go check out my videos on my Page… and great video bro u made me wanna go buy this game again.

  3. A couple things 1st you killed it damn.. 2nd is that considered camping? And 3rd I would have rpg'd your ass long time ago lol.


  5. What do you record with

  6. how yu do to obtain that grafics on ps3 mi gragics sucks help please.

  7. bro I can't be accurate with the controllers 😠 what I can do to be more accurate

    will bro continue playing sniper you are the best 😜

  8. Power Tower says:

    Too bad so many cheaters, no servers without one

  9. Bf4 is fucking awesome!

  10. ffsBorthwick says:

    nice video.subbed, what codec and bitrate you record in and what software?

  11. Waalter isso says:

    Because of you i am really thinking about buying this game

  12. Pew Die Pie says:

    You very nice player and pro👍👍

  13. Sean Taylor says:

    Damn,if I was the enemy I would be pissed at you,nice work 👍

  14. Nia V says:

    From pc to Xbox 360 : )

  15. Maf10so
    good job !!!

  16. Man you are unstoppable

  17. hey man, I still dont know how to change the fadecross color ? how to do that X)

  18. M4NDR4K3 says:

    👌👏👏 JG D+

  19. Nexus legend says:

    You can do a video of using pistols only such as g18 and ammo box lol

  20. Felix Mendez says:

    those graphics are from ps3? :O

  21. Hello my frand.please tell server name

  22. Skyfanto 05 says:

    I like you vidéo bro you is pro sniper😉😉😉😉

  23. Can you show us your settings in the game just a short video and yor and Your place is legendary wher you played with sniper 😂❤❤

  24. I like this map on conquest .. gg bro

  25. Kenzo Mocho says:

    Play with mtar21 again

  26. Yeah yesterday 34k players were online

  27. All is perfect excpept the emojy in the title

  28. omg bro when you hit 10k subs please do a live comentary i can't wait ❤ i love you

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