Can I Customize My Hydra And My Old Planes Beside The New DLC One In GTA 5 Online?

August 14, 2019

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Video is ready, Click Here to View ×

GTA 5 How To Buy Your Own Aircraft Military Base Online:

GTA 5 How To Upgrade Your Aircraft Planes Online (Smuggler’s Run DLC):…

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33 thoughts on “Can I Customize My Hydra And My Old Planes Beside The New DLC One In GTA 5 Online?

  1. Shrimpshot says:

    Can I steal a lazer then turn it into my own

  2. Iestyn Jones says:

    Can I have a shark card

  3. Lord Vader says:

    Would be Better if they Charge us $10 mil to Upgrade make it Faster & better Amour 😉
    then its worth it

  4. Tnxyy says:

    have you had a stroke?

  5. Bayzgamez 06 says:

    It won’t work for me I can’t customise the planes

  6. what about the luxor, i've tried it in SP and it won't color it

  7. Robsmotos says:

    Learn to speak English mate

  8. I only have two air vehicles so I'm not gonna spend my 1 mill on the workshop

  9. Yay, so after getting my hangar, I gotta buy a workshop… then buy the paint…. SHIT..

  10. Rex Banner says:

    The modify option doesn't appear for me. I'm in my Hydra inside the hangar. I don't get it.

  11. N Tune says:

    I have no menu say I can customize my so how the fuck do I get that fucking menu it's not saying that I can customize my fucking hydra I get in my damn Hydro and nothing pops up click the right arrow stick nothing fucking happens what the fuck

  12. Noah Nippard says:

    You sound a little fucked

  13. Wrath Raven says:

    Can u put your crew emblem on it?

  14. Waylon D says:

    Why does this guy sound like the duche from Sausage Party

  15. 85 South Fan says:

    How much laced crack did ur moms smoke when she was pregnant?

  16. You know, if you'd stop repeating yourself 10,000 times and actually speak really words I would subscribe.

  17. T J says:

    U Fn clown what the f is wrong with u ??? Just talk normal…

  18. Kill Me says:

    What the fuck are you saying

  19. TooManyMemes says:

    youre such a scum bag you keep repeating the same thing like 5 times just to reach 10 minutes

  20. Jack-ill-33 says:

    why won't it let me take my hydra into my hanger, can i not take a pegasus one in, if i try to buy one it says its already unlocked, i wanna paint that shit

  21. Jajuu says:

    Had you got Workshop at this video?

  22. Vocal Dread3 says:

    You can only change the color? It sucks

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