Extreme Football Tips (FIFA Corruptions)

February 12, 2019

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I will teach you how to kick a ball. I use the Vinesauce ROM corruptor to mess with FIFA 99, what could possibly go wrong.

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22 thoughts on “Extreme Football Tips (FIFA Corruptions)

  1. old account says:

    FIFA 14 didn't need this as half the players didn't have heads for me.

  2. This is a “short laff”.

    [lenny face]

  3. worm_child says:

    Killy, would men at FIFA laser dubstep raves possibly encounter some form of dubstep pokemon?

  4. Cerys May says:

    this is my favourite fuckin video ever

  5. Ryebread says:

    I had a second giggle m8…

  6. I love your accent and voice so fucking much

  7. Trader says:

    how the fuck do you not have thousands of subs

  8. Lore Logs says:

    Glitchiest game ever

  9. "FRISBY FACE may give Crash Bandicoot extra health" – Oh lord… how beautiful!

  10. Ariss says:

    lol i corrupted this game too

  11. This video made me feel the same as when I had to play Football in PE during school…fucking terrified.

  12. TerryByte says:

    You're a funny man Killy.

    You're also fucking weird.

  13. I don't know what I'm watching but I want more

  14. Sugawolf says:

    Thank god, now I can become the next Leebron James. Thanks Killy <3

  15. Squeege says:

    "Typical football weather, Bart Simpsons asshole stretched across the realm"

  16. can't stop laughing, fantastic video

  17. Killysunt says:

    Songs used:

    Stabby – Tsuwamono

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