September 12, 2019

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  1. Had to postpone the 2nd upload due to the big interest towards the first one and also it took me a lot of time to prepare this tutorial. Would be much appreciated if we hit 2000 LIKES for more insane FIFA 20 tutorials! once we hit it, I'll drop the next video <3 Thank you in advance

  2. Daz Sweetz says:

    Finishing is much better

  3. Daz Sweetz says:

    Good manual defending players will rule

  4. Daz Sweetz says:

    How are they hidden exactly?

  5. PP 8199 says:

    love your tutorial karasi

  6. DanyMT says:

    Играй срещу Уики. Готин клип.

  7. GamerZed Tv says:

    TOP 10 Best 🔥 New Android & iOS Games in 2020 (Offline & Online) High Graphics!

    The video link:

    👉 Thnx for watching |||

  8. Ole Heath says:

    Smarsh the like button!

  9. Скоковете са обсолютно невъзможни за правене в истински мач. Само не ми говори че било красиво всичко това е невъзможни

  10. Serdal Ulker says:

    Krasi thanks for this video bro. I have learned everything because of you😃 best fifa youtuber👍

  11. KING NTSAKO says:

    Krasi do you use Gimp on your pc for your thumbnails

  12. Mister X says:

    I didn't can use the Drag To Drag in the demo

  13. Leo Fistrić says:

    I will try and learn them all until 27th of September

  14. Ali Olcay says:

    4:20 I don't think that we have to hold R1/RB while doing that :D:D:D <3 <3 <3

  15. Let’s goooooo FiFA 20🤖🤖

  16. Looks shit can't see the difference between fifa 19 and fifa 20.. i think PES is better than this scripted shit game

  17. thank you so much bro💋❤️

  18. Help us how to defend and tactics thank you for all of your work

  19. How is the leteral heel to heel only a 3* skill move? Requires more skill (imo) than a regular heel to heel, which is a 4* skill move. Not complaining tho, looks sick

  20. M.S. Avaib says:

    I like the way he says twenty…

  21. Hey Krasi, if i buy ea acces can i play allready fifa 20 or what is the catch?

  22. DEVILS ACES says:

    Game still looks shit. When will they up there game

  23. Tumo Mosinyi says:

    What the heck is gung on here!!! In my country fifa 20 isn't out yet it's available for play on 27th of September how come their videos of gameplay on YouTube is it out in some countries which would be sooo unfair 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Are you using an alternate controller or classic bro

  25. Kodak Brown says:

    Krasi makes retarded videos that have no purpose BECAUSE he makes money from us just like any other YouTuber. That’s why they say “once it gets over 2000 likes I’ll upload the other video… etc” they do not care about us, just about the money that flows in. If they cared, they would’ve gave back everyday or frequently but all year they don’t give back… only one time a year hahahaha fucking blood sucking youtubers

  26. Shah Ji says:

    Krasi teaches glitches to kids then he cries and rage quitscwhen kids use them against him.

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