FIFA Weekly 2/9/16 – FIFA 17 Ratings! Brazilian Teams in FIFA 17, Xbox 360 Achievements

August 14, 2019

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This week we discuss the incorrect bans dished out, FIFA 17 ratings, the addition of more Brazilian teams, the Xbox 360 achievement list, check out a new kit and finish up with some more FIFA 16 bullshit.


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37 thoughts on “FIFA Weekly 2/9/16 – FIFA 17 Ratings! Brazilian Teams in FIFA 17, Xbox 360 Achievements

  1. Stef Mith says:

    Do you know when the demo will be out?

  2. Salmarmar says:

    I'm still sporting a diamond hard erection because of HJK being added in.

  3. James Lynch says:

    Any idea when the DB will be full of the new ratings for the players so we can start 'Create a Squad' for FIFA17?

  4. Is it me or rating increased for cards, i wouldn't know because I only play ut and can't afford those 85+ so didn't bother check them at all in Fifa 16 but the rating seems to way up this year.

  5. Callum B says:

    I'm planning of getting FIFA on release, does anyone have any suggestions of how much FIFA points I should get without spending loads?

  6. Ahh yes fifa ratings season where everyone on Futhead knows exactly how good every single player is.

  7. Madostone says:

    Guys mind checking out my channel ! I Upload Gaming contents! Subscribe to me and i will subscribe back ! (I really do it)

  8. Ivar says:

    I wonder how many bullshit of the week content is left when you take out all the goalkeeper fails..

  9. by the way, Taye Taiwo will make a return to FIFA, since he plays for HJK Helsinki.

  10. Kevin Fuchs says:

    Funny thing that David Luiz went back to Chelsea.

  11. Joe Morris says:

    Currently downloading an 'update' on the Fifa 17 pre order, that is 40gb, think it's the actual game

  12. Is Croatia in FIFA 17?

  13. Nick Watt says:

    Does anyone know when EA will release the full Fifa 17 player database?

  14. Karan says:

    When will the demo be released?

  15. How do I send u a bullshit on the week?

  16. PCGaming says:

    hopefully they release '100 club' cards this year

  17. Messi will upgrade in the winter upgrades 😴

  18. teq says:

    I wish flamengo and corinthians (the 2 biggestin Brazil) were in 🙁

  19. FIFA Mobile was released yesterday if you didn't know.

  20. Declam says:

    Sanchez is overrated

  21. liam says:

    fifa is so dead rn

  22. Just an interesting thought – the higher amount of 90's… think to FUT Mobile. 100+ cards.

  23. when does the demo come out ??

  24. J says:

    Why does Sanchez look like a cancer patient on his card?

  25. Can futhead reply to me twice in one day?

  26. High Riskeh! says:

    Any ideas when the legend ratings will be announced?

  27. SECO says:

    does coins carry over?

  28. If we don't have any 80+ rated players…

  29. VI SG says:

    sanchez is underrated considering how high the other ratings are!

  30. Ffs why can't I be this early on TOTW I need that karma

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