Gta 5 Wasted Sound effect

February 12, 2019

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Gta 5 Wasted Sound effect

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35 thoughts on “Gta 5 Wasted Sound effect

  1. Ghost: Mission Failed, we'll get em next time!

  2. When YouTube was changed to OurTube

  3. When u piss off ur sibling and they beat u

  4. When Beelzemon Destroys Leomon This Sound Will Play.

  5. When your mom comes home from work and your homework isn’t finished

  6. Serin S says:

    Play this at my funeral

  7. When you open a soda can and bang it on a metal bar

  8. AWG4 says:

    when you finally get into the bathroom your father used

  9. AWG4 says:

    when it’s 100 degrees outside

  10. Tim G says:

    Boy: mom…you love me right?
    Mom: no
    Boy: video

  11. When u drop your phone and it cracks

  12. K1NG W0LFF says:

    When you get busted/wasted in grand theft auto five

  13. When your console dosent wanna play. A single game

  14. When I get rejected from my crush.

  15. When you get caught watching porn

  16. ParZiival says:

    When you get caught fapping

  17. When ur mom who beats you with a flip flop finds out of have BAD grades

  18. Uncle B says:

    When fbi comes to ur house

  19. WolfHD says:

    when your meme that you took 4 hours to make gets 7 upvotes

  20. cjay 97 says:

    When I tried to buy my favorite item but I realized that it was sold out.

  21. COREDUBSTER1 says:

    i played this in my grandpa funeral

  22. The Rockstar says:

    When you’re about to get a detention at school

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