HOW TO UNLOCK duke of death GTA 5 [PS4 and XBOXone or PC

February 12, 2019

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you can use any one of the gta 5 characters
IMPORTANT this only works for people that transfer from PS3 or XBOX 360
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38 thoughts on “HOW TO UNLOCK duke of death GTA 5 [PS4 and XBOXone or PC

  1. There is no stock car race in my play station 4 how to get it

  2. Love the music man 💪👍

  3. Gururaj M S says:

    Its not there its fake

  4. I wanted to ask why can not I find it on PC?
    I have done my mission and can not find it there thank you for answer

  5. Y’all must hack the fam cause I did it 4x Nd still ain’t there Nd how u get that dude to spawn there🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Poornima B says:

    There is no race how did you get the race can you reply

  7. What if u have killed trever in story mode?

  8. Mr Boi_Pro says:

    I did five slap it didn’t happend

  9. Ario North says:

    All vids like this are the freaking same omg this sucks

  10. I hope this is true cuz I am following what u do

  11. there's not a race there for me

  12. I want the burger shot car & duke o death car

  13. Just u the cheat code then put it in the garage god its that easy not for ps3 only for ps4,xbox i think

  14. I will go your race desnination but !No races! In your destination? What can I do

  15. LUKBRO says:

    I cant find race and why ?

  16. im confused. i completed the story mode and i got a muscle car. then, i went back and forth to the race area and it wont come up. can somebody help me with this?

  17. Bryan cruz says:

    I killed trevor in one mission isntead of michael or frank

  18. Is this only on PS4 and PC or can I get it on Xbox 1 too cuz I don't have that buyer shot car race on nine

  19. Mr Blue Sky says:

    Still works, worked first time on Xbox one, cheers 👍

  20. anyone that needs help to get it i will be hosting a open lobby

  21. Dark GamerXL says:

    Cant get duke of death 💀

  22. Not Sans says:

    Guys is this on pc?

  23. Please help me do not bring it to me, neither the car nor the race

  24. It looks like duk'o death is reward for race or something

  25. REZ WH3AT says:

    The race isn't there for me…

  26. kyle brown says:

    i want to know how to get it on the ps3

  27. Is it possible to find it on online?

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