League of Legends : Shitty Sion

March 17, 2019

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High risk. No reward.

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43 thoughts on “League of Legends : Shitty Sion

  1. thebrekinn says:

    Dunkey invented inting Sion

  2. Dan Brew says:

    Rare footage of funky inventing inting sion.

  3. Dunky, the OG feeding sion.

  4. Alex Torres says:

    It's a good thing I have my die move

  5. whats the song at 3:10 ?
    i forgot what its from

  6. Ben Son says:

    back when int sion was actually cool

  7. Fakenine says:

    1:14 inting sion before anyone else

  8. EddySmeddy says:

    He should see him now

  9. Don Jones says:

    1:12 dunkey predicted inting sion strat

  10. Dunkey playing int sion before anyone else

  11. Dunkey did inting sion before it was meta ZULULUL

  12. vagueboy says:

    Playing inting sion 4 yrs before it was meta

  13. I can't believe I didn't remember that weird 2016 bit

  14. wizardjack says:

    I'm watching Dunkey in reverse where he is getting a great love for league of legends

  15. It's nerf or nothing.

  16. Syrange13 says:

    "My global mobility/aoe knockup ult doesn't also do a bunch of damage, woe is me"

  17. Jamie Ellis says:

    I miss league of dunkey ;-; all these new content creators are AMATEURS compared to tha master

  18. this is why you build adc sion

  19. 3 years late and Sion is a fucking beast

  20. I read this as ‘Shiny Sion’

  21. MrLuc12367 says:

    lol Sion is the best top laner rn

  22. NicolBolas2 says:

    i remember when league was fun

  23. Ceygar says:

    That Q and R bug still happens to this day…

  24. Guile's theme goes with everything xD

  25. Dudeyr says:

    Almost 2018 and this Masterpiece still aint out

  26. Not a Can says:

    How did Dunkey predict all of the events of 2016 wtf

  27. qasem90 says:

    TWO THOUSAND AND……..eighteen ?

    anybody still watching ?

  28. Widget says:

    Accurate representation of 2016

  29. Mauro Ojeda says:

    Dunkey I miss your league videos so much 😫 I re watch them on the daily just cause it brings back great memories ❤️❤️

  30. Cheater500k says:

    Hey dunk, go play the new lethality broken sion



  33. Yukimura says:

    2017, Sion still trash 😀

  34. When Sion ults away and shouts "COWARDS!"

  35. Markus Olsen says:

    anyone watching in 2017?

  36. DarthSironos says:

    What is that clip from 1:50 from?

  37. natieangus says:

    Sorry but it's 2017

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