Minecraft Duplication Glitch TU25 Xbox One / Xbox 360 / CU14 PS4 / PS3

February 12, 2019

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In this Minecraft Quick Tip, I show you an easy duplication glitch that works on all consoles in TU25 / CU14 including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3! You can use this glitch to duplicate any items that can be formed into blocks like: Diamonds, Wheat, Redstone, Coal, Iron, Gold, and Emerald. If this video helps you, please leave a like!


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34 thoughts on “Minecraft Duplication Glitch TU25 Xbox One / Xbox 360 / CU14 PS4 / PS3

  1. It work I got 2 iron bloock

  2. so far ive tryed out the glitches ive watched by you but they didnt work

  3. bbomber246 says:

    Loved the video, come check out my channel, if you like what see please subscribe and email me if you want to collaborate.

  4. Chad Ratt says:

    Works as of October 25 2015😀

  5. cosa lo dici a tutti pirla

  6. Ninja says:

    It works in October and November 2015

  7. G.I Joe says:

    it works holy crap!!!! i went from 9 diamond blocks to 13!!

  8. No No says:

    holy shit it worked

  9. Great video buddy! Took a look at your channel and I see you like Minecraft? Mind checking out my channel? 😀

  10. Corey Daigle says:

    Does this still work ?

  11. john mark says:

    Does this still work ?

  12. New sub here. Thank u very much

  13. This is July 23, 2015 and the dupe does not work anymore…

  14. U don't need 9 blocks I just did it with 2!

  15. White Guy says:

    good glitch takes a while to work though

  16. This glitch sucks for playing games where you only get enough diamonds for 1 block I sad:(

  17. How would you get 11 blocks of diamonds in the first place?

  18. It works, as of july 10th. I only managed to dupe 1 from 11 blocks. Its hard to do

  19. xDurby says:

    Doesnt work july 7th

  20. Was this patched in the July 3rd 2015 update?

  21. Jill Butler says:

    Does it actually work???

  22. JJ Mason says:

    It works!!! Thank you!!!

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