Minecraft Hack 1.8.x – Kryptonite Client (Optifine) (Download)

December 6, 2018

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▼ Download Kryptonite 1.8.x:
➜ http://adf.ly/1V9uME
↓ More Info ↓

✔ How to install any Minecraft hack client:
Link: https://youtu.be/mABW7dVvRHY

♫ Song: Underwaterbeats – Neon Lights
Link: https://youtu.be/_EshTvppW8U

Client made by thehen101

★ All Mods:

Includes Optifine
Press right shift to open the GUI

• Aimbot – Aims at the closest entity to your cursor when you attack
• Aura – Kill players and mobs that are close to you
• AutoEnchant – Automatically enchant…

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21 thoughts on “Minecraft Hack 1.8.x – Kryptonite Client (Optifine) (Download)

  1. Devin_ Plays says:


  2. ItsAlexxxQG says:

    I will download this only for the cave finder and the brightnes


  4. itzKript says:

    Just Install Fucking Jigsaw Hack Client Its The FUCKING Best.

  5. where does thee scrape command save to?

  6. xMihraPlayz says:

    thx for releasing this client best for xray

  7. DaviHCM GD says:

    why is do not dowloading?

  8. XtenvoGaming says:

    fastbow = machine gun lol

  9. Ali Fakih says:

    how do i use the bow i can only shot one arrow+

  10. amk olm yabancı dil bu mk

  11. Reddblue says:

    What's the bridge hacks called? Like I see a lot of people just walk or run with blocks placed beneath her/him instantly…

  12. Oyun Sokagı says:

    FAST BOWWWW LEGENDRAY <3 SkyDiveHack thank you <3 pls heart

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