Minecraft: Tekkit – Escalation (Part 17)

January 13, 2019

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Welcome to the new(ish) and improved Tekkit! Currently in version 1.6.4, this modpack shares a lot of similar qualities to Tekkit Classic with a few significant deviations. Gone are the overpowered days of Equivalent Exchange 2; instead we get… rocket ships? Particle accelerators? Count me in!

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24 thoughts on “Minecraft: Tekkit – Escalation (Part 17)

  1. Sean Frank says:

    You may have to 'modify' val's personality a bit.
    If I were you (was in your position with a synth) I would make her more of a capitalist and more loyal to you.

  2. Sid Kelavkar says:

    When is the next Trekkie video. This is my favorite series.

  3. Can't wait until you build a body for V.A.L.


  5. Dovkiin3 says:

    Your suit has a upgrade to prevent Radiation, I think
    So hopefully you don't need a Hazmat suit

  6. Nocx says:

    You really should add some speed upgrades to your cart assembler

  7. Nocx says:

    Noooo the yellow outline is back!

  8. Nocx says:

    And now V.A.L. can control a rocket.launcher that your carry around in your pocket…

  9. my suggestions. Yes, we will rise against oppression!

  10. RawEggwhite says:

    Val is going to kill u

  11. FireDragis says:

    Who´s for Villagers revolution and who for V.A.Ls uprising.

    For me it´s Villagers 100% and V.A.L – mabie, if there will be good exposition to that problem.

  12. DjBox61 says:

    VAL will betray you she'll ally with the villagers

  13. Alban Malci says:

    Just to be overly pedantic, 125 mg if antimatter would create a blast of about 10 kilotons of TNT or 1/2 of a Hiroshima

  14. LordOfApples says:

    Pravus, if.you click 2 times in a row (fast) on the bar where you search for recipes, your inventory will no longer get blacked out when you search for something.

  15. Thomas D. says:

    Long live the revolution! Lenin villager! XD

  16. fusion core breech never a fun day…but hey atleast you got it this time pravus lol

  17. Anti mater in tekkit is super cheap and easy. Real antimatter is the most expensive thing there is (61.5 trillion dollars for a single gram of antihydrogen) also, the explosion from antimatter in tekkit is disappointing. That much antimatter coming into contact with real matter would create an explosion so massive it would shatter the planet.

  18. Kody Montes says:

    I just did the math (used an online calculator) and found out that .125 grams of antimatter, combined with .125 grams of matter, (.25 grams total) should, in theory, produce the same amount of energy as around 5 kilotons of TNT; about 1/3 the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. So. I think that the in-game explosion is more than a little lackluster.

  19. Kaostico92 says:

    This series are incredible! I lot the amount of detail and effort you put on this. This is beautiful!

  20. About the fusion reactor – the electromagnetic glass is what allows heat to disperse, while the electromagnets block it (as far as i remember at least). The turbines (both normal and as 3×3 block) work the best, when they are right above the heated water itself.

  21. I don't particularly like minecraft, but I love watching it when Pravus plays it

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