March 24, 2019

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Links: https://www.futbin.com/19/players?page=1&version=if_gold&sort=ps_price&order=asc




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  1. What do you think of Richardson’s OTW card? Will his price cap increase? Can you make a video about it?

  2. TRAV IZ says:

    I deserve a gift card coz i wasted pretty much all my coins on Ireland players like u said in your last video

  3. I should win because I need a kidney transplant

  4. Prime Neymar says:

    I want the giftcard becoz I want to pack a FUT birthday

  5. i should win the voucher just because i should. so you can give me the voucher now. if you want. or even if you dont want thats ok as well… have you sent the voucher yet?

  6. Dah Gamer says:

    I think I should win because I’m a sexy individual… I’m joking 😂

  7. Ffs i just sold the Korean player 😂

  8. To pay for my Fifa addiction and to pack decent birthday players

  9. DHKNUCKLE says:

    For coman challenge

  10. DHKNUCKLE says:

    In vest in french gold players too

  11. Sleek Btw says:

    I should win it because I have trash fifa team

  12. Wezep G says:

    I should win because i should win XD💗💗💗

  13. BenCoys Fifa says:

    I want to win the giftcard beacuse i love FIFA

  14. bigchristov says:

    I think you should gift me a Blackburn fan as your team gifted the Blackburn the opening goal last week 😁

  15. Sycho Sieger says:

    I need to win bcoz i have never win this b4

  16. EchoDroll says:

    3:02 I'm just saying I bidded for if sancho for 10250 coins and made 10k profit (like if you read this)

  17. Nick Nichilo says:

    I need that gift card obviously so i can buy some fifa points

  18. I should win because im dutch🇱🇺🇱🇺

  19. Ino I'm not gonna win but I just want to buy some packs coz I started last month

  20. Give me a gift card need to upgrade my team pleaseeee

  21. I should win it because… why not

  22. rory wallace says:

    i would love to win it as im not allowed fifa points unless i pay for them and i never have the money as im still young i watch nearly all your videos and would love to win the amazon voucher to buy a fifa points voucher so please bro and keep doin what your doing its great

  23. warly83 says:

    Nobody wins the card its a blag dumb asses

  24. KBM says:

    I deserve the gift card because I went to the millwall vs Brighton game and experienced the worst heartbreak ever as a millwall fan

  25. jake culwick says:

    I can never afford FIFA points

  26. I don't beg for gift, but I do hope to win something before a big promo though. Thanks and have a nice day. 😁

  27. How will u know if u win the card?

  28. I should have the card because uhm.. ur.. never brought fifa points luv the vids keep it up

  29. shooie mac says:

    I think I should win, just because lol

  30. Sedaman FC says:

    I just need a bit of money towards buying a rebounder for training as a goalkeeper

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