August 14, 2019

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21 thoughts on “RANK 1 NIDALEE DOMINATING CHALLENGER | League of Legends

  1. hi im obu says:

    the music is from Pokémon brick bronze omg

  2. Diogo Franco says:

    cringe fucking edits. GG

  3. That Pokemon Colosseum battle music was HITTING

  4. Keep a gf? Easy.
    What to do? Just listen her.

  5. Justin Long says:

    I love the fact that you use Castle Crashers music lol

  6. Kromuh says:

    tarzaned reply if u love ur fans

  7. Hubba Bubba says:

    Shitty person but good player

  8. Randy Stuke says:

    Good mic setup when you fucking hear every bit of clicking and typing

  9. Youtube Crab says:

    Dang now I want to play nidalee

  10. Arkarath says:


  11. idk bro. Looked like King Stix on the Nunu destroyed ya, mate

  12. carries challenger games with low winrate jungler, hes the best jungler in the world.

  13. veeti says:

    6:25 rank 1 btw LMFAO soooo bad

  14. veeti says:

    why u act like ur a fcking thug but in reality ur little virgin kid

  15. veeti says:

    l9 lmfao so cringy 5 fat virgin nerds XDD

  16. JPS says:

    why did you start machete?

  17. ctpark 4 says:

    So since you'll never get picked up by a pro team and you act like a crying child why do you still play this game? Or at least, why don't you just chill when you play this game?

  18. skarth7 says:

    Nid one of my favorite champs! Love your playstyle!!

  19. SPAM EMAIL says:

    how many wins did he buy this time around? is this comment gonna get deleted? guess we'll find out when his next ban rolls around

  20. xMcSK says:

    Do you know whats funny. Dunkey gets banned for flaming. And this guy does not get banned for literally running it down while raging at his team like a stupid child. Even begs his fans on discord to downvote the reddit post with the prove.
    You my friend are an ASSHOLE by definition

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