**TIPS & TRICKS** SOLO Car Dupe Glitch | Super Easy GTA 5 Online Money Glitch (DUPLICATE ANY CAR)

February 12, 2019

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Today’s new video- **TIPS & TRICKS** SOLO Car Dupe Glitch | Super Easy GTA 5 Online Money Glitch (DUPLICATE ANY CAR)

Founder- Broontango

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47 thoughts on “**TIPS & TRICKS** SOLO Car Dupe Glitch | Super Easy GTA 5 Online Money Glitch (DUPLICATE ANY CAR)

  1. my vehicle does not stay in the M O C once I leave what am I doing wrong

  2. J Saks says:

    Patched? Criminal Starter Pack not loading

  3. Why do my duplicated vehicles only sell for $0? Any advice?

  4. dcg1901 says:

    Broon fam, you can dup the other levels too, just move the car to the other level and then move it to the duping slot and continue

  5. thx for the money glitches for real mann

  6. brian harmon says:

    Are these all considered clean dupes because the plate changes? Or do I need to put on custom plates?

  7. mike price says:

    Now the car Just disappeared from bunker everytime

  8. Ross Devin says:

    Bro, I did a couple of arena death bikes with the last one u put out, but they don't have any plates at all, is it still safe to sell them, I did 6 of them. They sell for 1,527.480. But can I actually sell them without getting caught up?


  10. OGG Chronixx says:

    Love it Broon made mad scrilla !! #TEAMTANGO Respect bruda !! 😇

  11. nice vid brroooontango! and also pls make a vid for a gctf special vehicles

  12. Jay Fyah says:

    You can also use the touch pad on your controller while on the internet part of the glitch. Hoover over the eye with x with the left analog then use the touch pad to move the cursor. Top vids broon!

  13. Rob Gregory says:

    Ive had issue with joining friend. Its like loading. Forever any ideas

  14. NEO gaming says:

    Thanks,Its worked.👍

  15. Is the buy everything for free glitch using your friend psn still working or no?

  16. Liam Kay says:

    Do I upgrade the mini in arena ? Also do I sell the original or dupe?

  17. kill gavin says:

    whenever i get back in my bunker, and drive my car into the MOC, i accept to replace it, but when i get inside MOC the car is no longer in there with me

  18. Aaron SB says:

    Anybody down to help each other out on this, we'd be in diffrenent targeting modes (ex: you in free aim, me in aim assist) and we'd just be joining of each other, only requirements are add each other and appear online.

  19. Obey Black says:

    Broon Brotha I need help on a solo money glitch

  20. shae reh says:

    Why can’t my issi go in the moc

  21. My duped strombergs are only selling for 98k! Any help it's been 3 days since I last sold one.

  22. Cole Barber says:

    If the car doesn’t show up in the bunker It sometimes reappears if you wait 10 or 20 seconds

  23. NUI BOYZ says:

    Viewers come on help bro Broon hit that like man thanks

  24. NUI BOYZ says:

    Awesome bro good info as usual specially for first timers ;()

  25. My mini map pops back up when I try to enter my garage b1.. basically takes me out of the glitch… I have a race setup by the entrance to arena garage so I have plenty of time to make it there but when I click my arena garage b1 the arena disappears for a split second and auto correct glitch… any idea why?

  26. As always just follow Mr.Broontango’s steps and you will be a millionaire ! Thank you so much for helping me through the entire thing man. You are a legend that will live on 👏🏻🤘🏻👊🏻

  27. Xb1 Gt ~ “LCM Flames”, message me if you wanna help each other, if you need money to setup, i can give you money using the doomsday replay glitch

  28. Dylan m says:

    If car icon isn't in bunker after u return, check the map to see if icons South on map, if so TP to a job beside it, request MOC and carry on like normal.

  29. Mike David says:

    Broooon…Tango for president!!!!

  30. Kaibil54 says:

    didnt obese already do this(nvm i just looked at the description)

  31. My car when I go back to bunker is not there but the symbol is I have done the glitch correctly but I have no clue why it's not there anyone know

  32. I got weapon workshop and vehicle workshop in my moc😑😭

  33. KEZO GAMEZ says:

    Can someone help me ? basically when I do the glitch and everything and do everything right and I go back to my bunker to the rest of the glitch the car isn’t in the bunker for some weird reason anyone help ?

  34. Joshua Nunez says:

    **MUST READ** If You Have A Ps4 You Can Use The Touch Pad So you won’t speculate another person much more easy then using the alog stick

  35. Hey broon your content if fucking amazing it’s the best out there, but can you help a dude out and maybe find a poor mans money glitch??😂

  36. I got the teleport races down. But still can't do a damn thing with these glitches. The teleport shite screws me up. I know your glitches work, just not for me lol liked anyways. I'll keep waiting and trying. 😪🤘

  37. Advising says:

    Hit me up on xbox @ Advisiing

  38. L I T says:

    For ps4 u can use the toutch pad when changing the color on ceo name a lot faster and not needed anyone with an x eye

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