TL Dota 2: Is Miracle the Faker of Dota?

January 11, 2018

Is Miracle the Faker of Dota 2? Time for a League of Legends Esports lesson!

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22 thoughts on “TL Dota 2: Is Miracle the Faker of Dota?

  1. Rakuni Jirax says:

    Haha i'm master in lol and have 4k mmr in dota 2, i think dota is more difficult than that league of lesbian game

  2. Fei Kazuki says:

    You can really see the salt coming from these so called "Mature" dota 2 players. Trash talking league players to make their egos better as they have never in their life played league before but talking about it like they have played it for years. The things that comes out of their mouth are either vulgarities or disparaging outs. Doesn't need a long essay to portray Dota 2 players, the comment section in one video says it all. Thank you 🙂

  3. Takedown says:

    ROFL Im pretty sure every seorious dota 2 player will not know who is that guy faker. I am play dota for 10 years and its pretty normal not to know about some chinese kid from other copy game… He is that for me, just a kid.

  4. Ignacio Ruiz says:

    Why are LOL players so fucking ugly?

  5. Jay Z says:

    miracle will destroy faker if he ever plays league

  6. Bryan Legend says:

    Miracle is the Jordan of esports

  7. why did you do this they are fighting

  8. Russel Galau says:

    Miracle "oh i see i see, feels good" 😂 look behind, feels good man and laugh again

  9. Juggrouxx says:

    Dota 2 inside the Guinness Book Record with 24 Million US$ prize pool. LoL has bigger community but a lot smaller prize pool. While Dota 2, smaller community but bigger prize pool. Which means, Dota 2 community is fucking rich boisss

  10. Ash _C says:

    You got it reverse. Faker is miracle- of LOL.

  11. i cant block either denied creeps on league :<

  12. biawakstruus says:

    "What is Faker? Help!" – Miracle-

  13. I think miracle is better period

  14. Yeah Right says:

    I think both game are easy to play, how hard can it be pointing a mouse then click to move or cast a spell? But, to master it, to master every single hero/champion, to be the best in the world, is harder then u can imagine, respect both game and the players.. I enjoy the game as u too, theres nothing to bragg as a noob..

  15. Ken says:

    For the record. You cant actually put "skill" and "league" in the same sentence.

  16. reef179 says:

    So Miracle is the Messi of Dota then

  17. puta puta says:

    Who the F is Faker?

  18. AzMaDINI says:

    even thought i hate lol but that man he's so damn good . but comparing lol to dota it's just wrong man . they only have two teams SKT and Samsung they keep going ahead every tourment . the only question have you ever seen a team win TI two times ??
    hell no

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