TOP 5 SUPPORTS Tier List Patch 9.8

April 25, 2019

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17 thoughts on “TOP 5 SUPPORTS Tier List Patch 9.8

  1. Hzz 22 says:

    Thx for making these again o/

  2. aftershock lux is good because when u trade with the ennemy ad, they would focus you (as ap support) and kill you. with aftershock you simply don't die, and you still do alot of damage because you can tank the whole trade and activate your passive .

  3. Yuri Lix says:

    AFTER SHOCK LUX IS actually good, it removes her squishy aspects so if you wanna max W and are scared to get in range to do it, you dont have to be scared todo it cause if they go for you, you can just get in their face Q, take no damage and then W and bam. I literally won a game so easily on that cause I Was able to get in their faces as lux for my adc lol And not die.

  4. Ok so do you eventually get boots on Sona or do you just skip them entirely in order to fit in Lich Bane without having to sell your Support Item/Ardent?

  5. Francisco V says:

    hey derek, thanks for doing this!

  6. highrollaXRS says:

    mic up by 1% plz ty

  7. sup tier list since 2015; braum , braum, and braum, but for competitive picks we hight recomend : braum.

  8. Riley N says:

    That Sona build seems really greedy to me – would you still run the same build if you're behind, or continue with the same build path?

  9. Lmao I ran this before she had abruptly become meta, people said “why are you buying tear” “troll” yada yada. Crazy I had this mindset already.

  10. Soul says:

    Hey can you do a bit more gameplay on sona? recently games have been kinda hard and i would like to know what to do 😛

  11. DaBigSmeaple says:

    Utility is really strong for sure so Lux makes sense, but do you think damage supports are not as worthwhile or just weak right now (Brand, Vel'Koz, Zyra, etc.)?

  12. ím trying to find program that can boost my volume to more than 100%……. EDIT: its only in Nautilus part, so i forgive 🙂

  13. Thanks for the info. I'll let Sona know your ratings on her the next time I work with her on the rift.

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