What Happens To The Two-Headed Girl That Joins The Circus In Red Dead Redemption 2? (Mystery Solved)

March 24, 2019

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What Happens To The Two-Headed Girl That Joins The Circus In Red Dead Redemption 2? (Mystery Solved)
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In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video –

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43 thoughts on “What Happens To The Two-Headed Girl That Joins The Circus In Red Dead Redemption 2? (Mystery Solved)

  1. MrBossFTW says:

    What Happens To The Two-Headed Girl That Joins The Circus In Red Dead Redemption 2? (Mystery Solved)

  2. Gail Pauley says:

    Don't do provisions, sit down and have a real meal.

  3. LEGITCRAZY says:

    you should try with arthur

  4. “4 sets of arms” quick maths

  5. ElderCow 2 says:

    How do you do this, make your video so long with so little information

  6. Vuk Man says:

    Those two girls were my girlfriends. One loved me and the other mad at me for cheating on her with her sister. I would often forget who was in love with me and who was mad at me. Sadly we broke up and they went to work in the circus and I went to get drunk with Larry.

  7. Ricky Hudson says:

    Inspect the wreckage already god damn it…..

  8. d77543020 says:

    Why were they locked inside

  9. Come back if your average

  10. quaking says:

    quite two-faced 😏

  11. Maybe you could try looking in theatres and look for that circus as Author before the epilogue

  12. Amaya Zamora says:

    Those girls were slaves because in the blue cart there was Chains and ropes

  13. Michael Calo says:

    in this video there are 2 cryptic messages one at 7:13 and the second at 8:40 i believe they are connected

  14. Can u at least show us where it is so we can find it please

  15. S_Sil_ 215 says:

    Running out of content I see!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wouldn’t it be two headed girls because they both have their own Brains and personalities

  17. Im trying too do a replay so i can try too experience almost everything everything preferable

  18. JGR Jakks says:

    She said 2 fortunes of his death in Red Dead Redemption 1 how can you not notice that, hear her closely & you should know what im talking about.

  19. You should try this as arthur

  20. There’s a cabin near owanjila lake close to strawberry There is a cabin that has drawings on the wall telling a story about a teleporter being stuck in the same time as John he’s from the future

  21. Kyle Morgan says:

    6:07 damn John! That's a powerful fart!

  22. not my name says:

    Food or "consumption" can mean any number of things my friend. This is a YouTube who spends way too much time on the web. See what motivates you and go after it at. One point she says you could be better off doing something else other than talking to a mission to me she is saying, at that point (you're seeking wisdom but all I am at the end of the day is just a mission go out and experience life for yourself). At another time she mentions you spend a lot of time with "women and liquor" that could be, you spend too much time with the bounties or hunting go spend time with Abigail and Jack or she may not even be talking about what you're doing with the game she could be asking(""WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE"") probably the most important question we can ask ourselves every day.?

  23. This ones already been found a long while ago though…

  24. Double trouble with two heads am I right guys

  25. You should go there as Arthur

  26. Remember the mission when you get the grab the little person that was a circus there's many Circus in the game

  27. Or maybe you just hungry for knowledge maybe you'll you need to read more

  28. Maybe need to kill somebody or maybe it's talking about your actual future John Marston remember Red Dead Redemption

  29. It's not food that she means has all kinds of Hunger think of different ways of clinching your hunger

  30. Why don't you try to shoot her box or through something at her maybe something will trigger?…

  31. I'll bet that the peach cobbler was tasty.

  32. The top of the wagon containing the remains of the girl reads Fitcher brothers, just like the blue wagon.

  33. I really enjoyed this one! Someone said a comment about try it with Arthur and I really agree!

  34. Do u think that the fake gorilla could be connected to these mystery wagons just a thought but mabye. Guys like so he see's this.

  35. IEJIYPT LOVE says:

    You did a video on the fortune teller already so how did you not see the dead twins the first time you came across the wreckage🤔

  36. Madam irene is in the game solely to let you know if you are overweight, underweight, or at a healthy weight. That's her only objective

  37. heyitsk77 k says:

    Mtrboss try your fortune with the doll as Arthur

  38. Mr Boss should join the circus because he's the biggest joke I know of

  39. Instead of watching an 11 minute vid I will just assume they died by looking at the thumbnail.

  40. Im pretty sure the two headed girls are from bully

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