WHO WORE IT BETTER? | Off Meta Builds Showcase – League of Legends

February 12, 2019

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League of Legends Off Meta Montage – Best New Meta Builds, 200 IQ Champion Picks and Unbelievable LoL Outplay Moments

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▼Video Sources for this League of Legends Montage :

1) Zargo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJjKkU0gt0E
2) ConeMedaillon34 – https://plays.tv/video/5c31642e3351aeb301/yasuo-ap-cest-rigolo
3) Phasebeam -…

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20 thoughts on “WHO WORE IT BETTER? | Off Meta Builds Showcase – League of Legends

  1. What's your favorite "Off Meta" build/champion? It never gets old watching Attack Speed Braum xD Thanks for watching!

  2. Dominic Kok says:

    8:30 MUst be cool playing vs Bots.

  3. Michael Lo says:

    And for those noobs' reference, off meta builds don't quite work in ARAM, so stop replying "it's just aram" bullshit.

  4. Karma tank ls not a off meta champion

  5. Mega Megazor says:

    In most of them you don't show the items or the player's score. I don't care about a smurf triplekilling in silver with a troll build if he's 15/2.

  6. Remember when this channel put out good content?

  7. 55% Builds that are known/mostly work
    33% Team carried that fight
    11% New

  8. Kaiji247 says:

    I'm so confused about the yasuo. How was that off meta? All he did was run around spamming E on minions etc.

  9. Never says:

    Literally don't know what I'm watching for some of the clips since they don't show the build

  10. Yancy Riku says:

    I miss the old protatomaster 🙁

  11. Ayy ayy says:

    All these players are boosted

  12. Magyster says:

    I love ap malphite and ad leona

  13. Peter H says:

    been watching ur channel since 2013, just wanna say u guys are doing a great job and i love your channel!!! you guys deserve way more subs than 1.1 M. keep it up!!!

  14. What was off-meta about the kogmaw at 6:40? I’m confused

  15. iPlatinumSky says:

    6:31 The song sync with the bombs

  16. some of these werent even off meta

  17. LOL Monster says:

    Who is kha'zix montage??

  18. Hyun Lee says:

    Bunnyfufuu wore it better

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